Ordering in just got even easier with Google Assistant

We timed it, it takes less than 13 seconds (after you decide what food to order)

Ok Google

Talk or type to your Google Assistant*

  1. Hi, how can I help?
  2. Talk to foodora
  3. Okay, let’s get foodora
  4. What are you craving today?
  5. Show what’s available
*You will need a foodora account with at least one order and your payment details saved
Ok Google


  • At any point, say “Change my address” and you can select any of your saved Google addresses, or add a new one to your account. Make sure the address matches one that’s saved in your foodora account so foodora knows where to drop off your food.
  • Navigate to the foodora action page in the Assistant directory (just tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and go to “About foodora”). Unlink your account; when you relink, you’ll have an opportunity to update your payment method.
  • You can order anything you've previously ordered on foodora. Ask for your usual (your most ordered restaurant/dishes), your most recent order, or see what’s available right now from your order history.
  • There are few reasons this can happen:
    • The restaurant is currently closed.
    • Items from that order are not on the menu anymore.
    • The restaurant doesn't deliver to the address you specified.
  • For now you can only repeat the exact same order as you had before.
  • While transactions are not supported on Google Home speakers at the moment, you can still use your device to track your order status. After placing an order, say "OK Google, ask foodora where my food is."
  • Right now ordering foodora on Assistant is available in Germany only.